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YUSU Elections 2016: International Officer Candidate – Roberto Avelar

Credit: YUSU
Credit: YUSU
Credit: YUSU

Roberto Avelar is running for the position of  International Officer. He held the position last year and wants to continue to use his experience to enrich the experience of  international students. 

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Roberto and I’m currently a third year Biology student. I’ve lived in 10 different countries across most continents (all except Antarctica) because my mum works with the UN Refugee Agency. This is what initially prompted me to go for International Officer last year, and if I get elected this will be my second year holding the position. Between doing Biology and running ISA I actually don’t get much free time, but when I do get some time I like to hoard pictures of past YUSU presidents and keep them in my room.

What inspired you to run for the position?

I’ve always admired people who take time out of their lives to try to make student life better and I don’t see why I shouldn’t get involved too. This has been a big reason for me to take part in the Union.

Why are you the right person for the job?

For one, I’m the only person who cared enough to run this year – everyone else dropped out of the election! This will also be my second year as International Officer if I get elected, and experience helps a lot.

Which of your policies are you most excited about?

So this year we have been working to make a really good Global Week, which is a really great event that helps celebrate diversity within the University. A lot of the ideas we came up with were a bit too late to implement this year, but I’ve got a lot of ideas in place for next year already and have met a lot of people that can help organize different events both on campus and in the city. I’m really looking forward to working with these people to make bigger events that more people decide to attend. That being said, we’ve worked really hard on Global Week this year, which will take part between February 29th and March 6th, so please be sure to get involved. It’ll be a blast!

Who are you backing for YUSU President?

To be honest I haven’t made my mind up yet. When candidates can talk about their policies and voting opens I’ll decide. That being said, I think a life-size cardboard cutout of Habib will look fabulous next to my Sam Maguire cutout.


Voting is now open and will close on the 19th of February.