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YUSU Elections 2016: President Candidate – Ananna Zaman

Credit: YUSU
Credit: YUSU
Credit: YUSU

Ananna Zaman is running for Union President. She studies Social Policy, is the current Women’s Officer and is passion about helping students to feel valued by the University.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a bartender so being a third year student as well as a part time officer with regular PTO, Liberation and Welfare and Network meetings and having a part time job with unsociable hours, it’s hard to keep up with extra activities but I do like to bake!

What inspired you to run for YUSU President? 

It was the support from Katie, who is half of YUSU Women’s Officer, the other Part Time Officers, the committee, the network and my friends.  The belief and confidence they have in me is staggering and was what  pushed me to go for it.

Why do you think you’re the right candidate for the job?

I know I am capable of this job. I know what is realistic and achievable and I’ve seen why policies fail over the past 3 years and I think above all I am honest about what I can do. There is no shame in admitting uncertainty, I’ m just human.

Which of your policies are you most excited about? 

These policies are my babies and I can’t just pick one but I think it would be increasing student support because it encompasses my policies for greater liberation support and addressing rising student living costs. I am excited for students to feel their mental and physical health is valued.

If you could change just one thing about the way the University works, what would it be?   

The mental health services in particular the leave of absence process especially the lack of support once you have been granted leave of absence.

Who do you think is your biggest competition?

I think that even putting yourself forward  is incredibly brave and I really don’t like thinking of people as competition like I’m not even thinking about it like that. I wish all the candidates the absolute best of luck in their endeavours.


The YUSU Candidates Debate will be held at the Lounge on the 14th February.