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YUSU Elections 2017: Jens Dahle-Granli (International Students’ Officer)

Image: the University of York Students' Union
Image: the University of York Students' Union
Image: the University of York Students’ Union

Jens Dahle-Granli is running for the position of International Students’ Officer at the University of York Students’ Union. 

What inspired you to run for the position?

I got inspired to run for positions, since I have seen a lot of flaws in the international community which I want to get rid of, so international students can have a better and cheaper experience while they are in York. I also love the international community really much, and being engaged in the community.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

My policies are 100 % reachable, and is focusing on the most important issue international students face today, information. For it is sadly too little information for international students to get, which can cost them up to £60 a year. I also, want to make more and greater events, including those the international community already have.

How would your policies change student life at York?

International students will settle in easier as they get more information on arrival with a Fresher’s guide and web page tab:

  • a Fresher’s guide can save students up to £60 a year, as they know which UK bank they should choose (I, and many I’ve talked to has done the same)
  • through the Fresher’s guide they will also know how to sign up for Unity Health which many international students are not aware of. What’s more, they will get the information that it is also free, which many Tier 4 students don’t know

Revoke the guarantee scheme fee, which is a fee many international students have to pay if they want the uni to be there guarantor (which many landlords demands). This will save students £50 a year!

Better cooperation between ISA and JCRC international student’s officers so we can make greater events for the international community. I also want to have the ISA coffee afternoon on both Heslington East and West, so everyone feels included.

What challenges do you expect to face in this position and how will you respond to them?

The most challenging thing will be to revoke the guarantee fee, as I have to convince the university to get it revoked, and they are never keen on losing potential income. I will solve it by getting YUSU behind me, so we are a lager student “bloc” against the university, and just push it on them as much as possible.

What has been your most enjoyable experience at university?

I want to say everything. But the most enjoyable experience has been the culture diversity we at the uni. For I love to learn about new cultures, which is possible as we have a great international community.

What challenges do international students face on campus?

Lack of information, and unfair fees which can cost the international student up to £110 a year. I have also talked to a lot of students which don’t know about the mental health services the uni of York provide which is a huge problem as mental health issues is the most important thing to tackle, so everyone gets a great experience at the uni.

As told to Amy Banister