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YUSU Elections 2017: Tiffany Swift (Mature Students’ Officer)

Image: Tiffany Swift
Image: Tiffany Swift
Image: Tiffany Swift

Tiffany Swift hopes to become the Mature Students’ Officer in the 2017 election for the University of York Students’ Union.

What inspired you to run for the position?

As a mature student, a self-employed woman and a single parent, juggling family life, work and university, I hope I can be voice for all other students in a similar position to myself.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

Quite honestly,  I think I have faced every level of adversity since starting my degree. It has made me realise the extra effort mature students make to be able to succeed at university. Therefore,  I would say I am different in that I can relate to every possible eventuality, problem or concern possibly better than most.

How would your policies change student life at York?

I like to think I would be able to voice the opinions, fears and questions for all mature students as we all seem to face the same challenges.  I would also like to promote mature students to become more inclusive on campus, socially and academically.

What challenges do you expect to face in this position and how will you respond to them?

I expect there to be many challenges in this position, moreso the being available for when fellow students need to talk.  However, as a self-employed, single mum and student I am pretty confident I am well organised for the role and will be able to meet any challenges head on, and with a smile on my face!

What has been your most enjoyable experience at university?

Starting a degree at 38 years old terrified me. But I can safely say the best part of it all so far has been meeting so many people, from all different backgrounds and feeling like a team.

What challenges do mature students face on campus?

Mature students, I think, may feel ‘left out’ in that they can think they don’t fit in with the younger students and the social aspect of university life which can be quite daunting.  Also, for those students who are parents also, and possibly have a job too, the juggling of everything can be exceptionally difficult. With that in mind I think more needs to be done to promote more social inclusion on campus for mature students and also fairer leniency on attendance (due to childcare/work).

As told to Richard Tester