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YUSU Elections: York Sport President – Stephen Bates

Photo credit: YUSU
Photo credit: YUSU
Photo credit: YUSU

Stephen Bates is running for the position of York Sport President in the 2016 YUSU elections.

Who are you, what do you study and in what year of study are you?

I’m Stephen Bates and I’m a third year History student

What sports have you been involved in since you started at the university?

A small amount of college football but mainly American Football

Why did you decide to run for this position?

I have experienced first-hand the Union’s vices and virtues – the best way to get change is to do it yourself

What are your policies?

I have the “Compass” policies which include:

Introducing a once a month Sports drop-in Physio session whereby members of Sports teams can receive support, advice and treatment for any range of issues to keep them in peak condition to compete Offer each York Sport club the opportunity to have a subsidised session with photographer to create a bank of images and videos that the Sport team will keep and use for promotional material throughout the year

Creating a weekly Plyometric fitness session open to all teams, focusing on increasing the core fitness of participants, If over-subscribed one week those unable to partake will receive priority the for the next available session

Official York Sport endorsement and assistance for clubs seeking sponsorship and fundraising – including potential club groupings to make sponsorship opportunities more appealing

A transparency policy regarding AU fees, each club will be informed of amount of AU fee money paid and the spending plan for it, as well as being able to request details of successful contingency grant applications

Development of a York Sport app whereby users can log in and subscribe to results and updates from as many sports as they wish, being able to find out the results and updates quickly and easy for teams they are interested in

Which policy are you most excited about? 

Development of a York Sport app – Brings the Union into the modern ages and allows for all to engage with the York Sport Teams if they are involved or simply a supporter

Who are you backing for the presidency?

For YUSU president? I think there are a lot of strong candidates this year, I’ll need to do a bit more research before I make my vote.

Image credit: Stephen Bates
Image credit: Stephen Bates