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Ed Miliband visits Sheffield to listen to the opinions of the next generation

UYLC at Sheffield 2


On Friday, myself and two other committee members of University of York Labour Club attended an event in Sheffield held by Labour Students. It was held at Sheffield Hallam Student Union, which is located in Nick Clegg’s constituency which Labour intends to win in May – Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam and other Yorkshire labour clubs have been campaigning in the area for the candidate, Ollie Coppard. UYLC will be helping out at the end of the term with that as well.

The talk was centred on how the Coalition, but particularly the Liberal Democrats, has let down young people and how Labour under Ed Miliband will not do this. Labour will ensure that “the next generation does better than the last”. The reason for this focus, other than a general Labour prioritised focus on our generation, is this event was the launch of a consultation on Labour’s Young Britain manifesto. Ed Miliband talked for about 15 minutes about a variety of subjects but with an emphasis on voter registration as the system has been changed by the coalition so that you are no longer registered as you live on campus. Then he opened to the floor for questions. This shows just important he believes consultation and discussion is to Labour creating a election winning manifesto – something which I personally really respect.

He was asked questions about a variety of subjects including the TV debates, student accommodation, NHS reforms, zero hours contracts and citizenship education in relation to his recent decision to lower the voting age to 16 if Labour win a majority in May. I was highly impressed by his ability to answer so eloquently on such a wide range of topics without notes. He asked the person asking the questions about their experiences and noted them down which shows that he seems to genuinely care. Yes, I am aware that all politicians need to appear to care about the public’s opinion, but I truly think that Ed does – certainly more than the other leaders.

It was really nice for UYLC to feel involved in a wider labour movement, as we disaffiliated from Labour Students last year so have been slightly more out of the regional and national loop than before. We really enjoyed our little day out to Sheffield and hearing our leader speak live – that is not something that all members of the Labour party can say!

Shameless plugging – if you are interested in getting involved with Labour Club in the countdown to the election then drop us an email at labour@yusu.org or don’t hesitate to personally contact me, I am the Secretary. We are a very welcoming society and love seeing new faces. Our next meeting is on Monday in ATB/038.

UYLC at sheffield