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Eton Mess: Covid response

Photo by Étienne Godiard on Unsplash

In the wake of the ‘unprecedented times’ we live in, we are also, unfortunately, having to sit tight and endure the consequences of a privileged few in government. Time for a round-up of all the mistakes the government has made recently. 

The news that the United Kingdom’s death rate has exceeded 100,000 was a sombre yet unsurprising announcement. Many can see the many mistakes that have led us to the grave number of deaths. The government has recklessly delayed acting upon scientific advice throughout the pandemic. Many have died because of the carelessness of government policies. The sheer number of deaths can only be attributed to the mishaps in delaying each and every single lockdown we have had, putting the importance of the economy before lives, inadequate support for care workers and the mishandling of guidelines to care homes. 

The UK announced only recently that entrance into the UK without documentation proving a negative COVID-19 test was banned. Many were shocked that this had not taken place in March 2020, when many countries closed their borders. Priti Patel, Home Secretary, was quoted in an interview stating that this decision should have been made earlier. However, she is Home Secretary and could have pushed for this in March 2020. 

And yes, we have heard it all before that the government is doing it is best during these unprecedented times. However, if this is the best that a Western country can do, this should worry us gravely. Other world leaders did not secretly attend a conference giving them pointers on dealing with a pandemic. Yet, countries like Australia, China and New Zealand are returning to normal. With all the science to our disposal fighting, this virus should not have taken 100,000 British lives. The United Kingdom has many advantages being an Island none of which the government has utilised since March 2020. Like many, I am starting to wonder when all of this will come to an end. 

During January, the government was widely criticised again for their lack of care when concerning hungry children. Many parents are struggling to feed their children adequately, with many families up and down the UK facing financially challenging times. The government decided to outsource food packages from a company called Chartwells, which delivered what can only be described as a half-asked amount of food. As images circulated on social media, ‘Leader of the Opposition’ Marcus Rashford MBE, again stepped into question Boris Johnson, and to resolve the issue. 

Additionally, the Universal Credit will be cut by £20 per week from April 2021. The uplift of £20 has provided a lifeline for many families since it was introduced in April 2020. At a time when many need it most, this lifeline is being stripped away from financially vulnerable families. 

We are a country in a toxic relationship with the government- a group of people evading being held accountable for the shortcomings that have plagued us for the past year. The consequences of an Eton Mess. 

Written by Tinaeke Kilwake