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Trump’s Fight for Power and Biden’s Promises

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

Written by Tinaeke Kilwake

Amidst the chaos of 2020, America faced an election amid a pandemic. Donald John Trump was fighting for a second term and Joe Biden competing to be President for the second time in his political career. Both Trump and Biden were familiar faces, Biden had served as vice president under Barack Obama’s two terms as President. The fight for the title was and still is a contentious issue in America. 

With traditional campaigning methods limited because of COVID-19, Biden’s administration took to social media, forming a cult of personality around his fight for President’s position. Many well-known celebrities such as Cardi B hosted Instagram lives discussing Biden’s promise for change. The Democrats were engaging with a millennial demographic, Biden announced that his running mate would be Kamala Harris the first female, African American and Asian vice-president. Biden made the right steps to appeal to those who wanted to see diversity a new leaf for American politics. In the background of Joe Biden’s victory was Senator Stacey Adams, who turned Georgia blue in the 2020 election. 

Donald Trump clung to the traditional forms of campaigning and held rallies as COVID cases escalated. As the votes were counted and Joe Biden was announced as the predicted winner ahead of the electoral vote, Trump began his crusade of declaring the election a fraud election. His legal team fighting tooth and nail to get key states votes recounted and desperately seeking to expose voter fraud. Trump supporters rallied around him, declaring the election a fraud; however, after multiple recounts in crucial states such as Georgia and exhausting all legal avenues, Trump has now accepted defeat. 

His acceptance of defeat comes after the Capitol’s siege, resulting in the death of five people. After 6th January 2021, Trump’s administration issued announcements declaring their intention to transition power to Joe Biden. After, declaring that he would be absent from the inauguration, many social media apps permanently banned Donald Trump’s account. In an act that many celebrate, one does wonder whether it was a little too late. With little less than a week to go in his presidency, Trump will become the first president to be impeached as a consequence of inciting terror on the 6th January. As the inauguration draws close many short-term renting platforms like Airbnb have blocked booing options in Washington DC, in the lead up to the 20th. The inauguration will host a few crowds, and heightened security will be of utmost importance throughout the day. 

As America and the whole world looks to 20th January and ponders on Joe Biden’s next four years as President, what is it that we can expect? Joe Biden has it in for a long and challenging four years ahead, with his plans to tackle the pandemic and reduce the number of people contracting the virus and dying. He also has the challenge of rolling out a vaccine for the entirety of the population. As President, Biden’s term might not be as glamourous as the years he spent as vice president with Barack Obama. 

I think it would be unreasonable to expect the world from Biden’s administration, after all putting too much faith in politicians is never wise. Joe Biden is not America’s saving grace; he is the mirage of an oasis in the desert.