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Ways to improve online gaming experience

Many a gamer have been constantly irritated by the unfortunate habit of online games being slow and repeatedly jamming, causing you to miss your perfect shot or miss what you were aiming for. Lags (or jams) can cause some serious damage to your ranking on a score board. What’s more, if you play for cash, or play casinos games online, this could end up causing you to miss out on a big win. There are lots of reasons why lag happens; including the time of day you are using your internet, issues with the local weather, malware and server overload. Here are a few tips on how you can tackle lag in your games and make sure it isn’t a problem again.


To begin with, make sure that the wireless network you’re playing on is secure and private, otherwise it could fall foul of malware. Having an open wireless network also enables other within your vicinity, including your neighbours, to log in using your connection, giving themselves free connectivity, but slowing down your internet access and broadband speed whenever they download anything. In order to avoid this happening, make sure you are protected by a password which is hard to crack as well as encrypt signals on your network.

A second way to protect against lagging is using fibre-optic cable internet instead of DSL. Even though fibre-optic does cost more, it’s worth it for the faster connection and better stability. DSL works just fine if all you’re doing is browsing the web, but fibre-optic is definitely best for anything involving downloading or online gaming. If you want to cut the costs of fibre-optic cable internet then makes sure you’re subscribed to a cable TV service such as Verizon, Comcast or AT&T. This way you can get internet as part of a package, which is much cheaper overall.

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Third, you can configure other programmes together in order to use up less bandwidth. Often your computer may be using addition applications without you knowing, and thus using up internet bandwidth which you are not aware of. In order to prevent this, simply open up your task manager and from there you can gain an idea of which applications and programmes are zapping your energy unnecessarily, thus allowing you to close them and free up more bandwidth with which to game.

Finally, speeding up your computer can be achieved through as simple a step as moving your Wi-Fi router closer to your PC or console. If you want to have good coverage throughout your house, then it might be a good idea to place the router in a central location within the house so that you do not have to deal with weak signal spots all over the house. However, you may still have something of a lag whilst you’re playing, in which case to changing the position of your console and possibly changing its placement depending on whether you want it physical or horizontal so it gets the best signal from your Wi-Fi router.

By following these steps, lagging in games should be a thing of the past!