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York leads against Lancaster as Roses 2017 begins


The University of York has taken the lead at the end of the first night of the 2017 Roses tournament, which ended with victory for York in the men’s basketball.

At the time of writing, York has earned 45 points against Lancaster’s 36, earning victories in basketball, futsal and American football.

Students from Lancaster University arrived in Heslington today for the commencement of the 2017 Roses tournament. The Roses tournament between York and Lancaster has existed as an annual sports competition since 1965. At present, York leads the overall score with 26 wins versus Lancaster’s 25. Throughout the day, the scores have remained very close, with Lancaster leading at times, but by the end of the day, York has retaken the lead and expanded the gap.

The men’s basketball event, the highlight of the day, billed as the ‘Basketball Showdown’, was held in the York Sport Centre and broadcast live to an outdoor audience gathered at Greg’s Place, next to Vanbrugh College. After a strong performance from Lancaster, York emerged the victors in a superb comeback in the final quarter of the game.

Isaac Beevor, York Sport President, Tweeted:

Basketball was not the tournament’s first event: before Friday, Lancaster and York confronted each other on both land and water. Though the host team’s novices were defeated by the visitors, York’s senior rowing teams defeated Lancaster on the River Ouse last week. Lancaster’s riders defeated York in the equestrian competitions and both teams enjoyed victories in separate divisions of ultimate Frisbee.

Tomorrow begins with a chess tournament, with chess returning to the Roses after its inception last year. York will be hoping to equalise with Lancaster’s victory the year before. Later in the day, head over to the York Sport Village to catch the big water sports – swimming, water polo and octopush will all be held on Saturday.