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What are the most exciting sporting events to come?


Whether it means attending in person, or simply getting together with friends to watch online or on TV, each year’s big sporting attractions can break time up into must-see events that can also provide everyone with memories that will last a lifetime. In the UK we are fortunate to have some of the biggest happenings in the world sporting calendar taking place right on our doorsteps, so even if jumping on a plane to follow Formula 1 around the world isn’t an option, jumping on a train from York to London might be well within budget.

Football focus

If you’re a football fan, the summer can sometimes mean a lull in activity, however, that won’t apply this year with the 2016 Euro tournament taking place in France. With holders Spain looking to keep their grip on the trophy for three successive wins, unlucky recent finalists Germany and Italy are sure to be looking to get it right this time round.

The whole thing takes place over the period June 10 to July 10, and in the UK it is sure to be even more important this year because Wales, Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland all join England in taking part. Before that, the FA Cup final takes place on May 21 at Wembley Stadium and the UEFA Champions League final will be held at the San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy.

Outdoor pursuits

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a whole range of sporting events this year. If there is a horse racing festival taking place at a racetrack near you at some point over the coming months, it’s a great way to join in all the excitement of a day at the races. If you’ve only ever placed a bet online before, experiencing the traditions of the ‘tic tac’ men and their unique communication can be a real revelation.

Of course, a staple of any British summer is the couple of weeks that the nation goes tennis crazy while Wimbledon hosts the biggest names in the sport. Although a centre court ticket might be difficult (and expensive) to bag, lying around on a grassy hill watching all the action on a big screen can mean you play just as big a part in proceedings.

World champions

World championships of one sort or another are decided every year. This year it is the turn of Olympic athletes once again, with the Summer Olympics being hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although it seems only a blink of the eye since the same location held the football world cup final, Rio will this year beat its drums and stage its famous parades for the world’s finest sportsmen and women across the whole Olympic pantheon of events.

It doesn’t really matter what sport you follow or whether you’re an active attendee or a stay at home TV or online surfer, the thing you can be sure of is that 2016 has got plenty of top-class sporting action to keep you occupied.