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Mixed Result for University Fencing Team


By very close margins, the men’s fencing was won by Lancaster and the women’s fencing was won by York.

This year’s fencing competition took place in the James Dining Hall on Friday. The matches were judged by an Olympic referee and took place on a self-lit stage. The men’s seconds kicked off the day at 11.00am, with strong teams on both sides. In spite of a promising start from both the foil and epee sections, the team fell behind Lancaster in sabre and this lost them the overall point. The points stood at 111 to 123.

It was a very similar situation for the men’s firsts team at 2.00pm, who lost by a small margin of five points. At 6.00pm, the women’s team, who are currently on a three year winning streak, beat Lancaster by a close 127 points to 123.

Lizzy James, a member of the team, said,

The fencing went really well for us. It was a tense competition throughout and both teams fenced well. However after a brilliant foil match, York women’s won overall.

Alice Smith, a Sports Officer who attended the event, said,

‘It was great to see such a variety of people attend this particular event. I was very impressed. York has such a strong front this year. It could easily be our year!’

11.00am – Mens 2ND – 111 – 123
2.00pm – Mens 1st – 105 – 110
6.00pm – Women’s 1st – 123 – 127