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Dancesport do… Warwick Varsity Competition

Cha cha cha!

On the 30th of November 2014 York Dancesport headed out early once again, this time to the Warwick Varsity competition! This varsity competition follows stricter rules than the friendly competitions, and so it was a good test for how the hard work we did in Autumn term would stand up on the competition floor.

The morning began with the ballroom rounds; the beginners and novices dance the traditional Waltz and Quickstep whereas the ex-students and higher levels also get to do a Tango. The York team did well and particular congratulations should go to the beginners couple Lydia Teale and Becky Wells, who made it through several rounds on their début competition!

The afternoon saw the team really come in to their own in the Latin American competition, with all the novice couples making it through rounds and the ex-students showing off their craftily prepared and fantastic Paso Doble dances as well. These rounds were particularly useful for seeing how the winning couples danced and where we can all improve come spring term. Once again, special congratulations should go to Lydia and Becky, who made it through several rounds of Jive and into the final, coming 6th, in the beginners Cha cha cha – well done!

Although the ‘varsity’ competitions are the more serious type, there was still a lot of fun to be had in the form of the lunch time ‘Warwick team challenge,’ which saw York dancers branch out into dancing more exotic dances, such as the Rumba and Samba. The team match in the evening also gave the exciting opportunity to wear big sparkly dresses for those ladies who had not previously, and dance as a team instead of as an individual.

Our hard work this term, therefore, has definitely been turned into good results and we hope those who competed, particularly who are new to competing, enjoyed their time at the competition. Bring on 2015!

Cha cha cha!
Cha cha cha!