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McGregor vs Alvarez: The Aftermath


Conor McGregor is one the biggest stars in the world. His success and attitude have launched him into the spotlight of all entertainment and with his win at UFC 205, he’s only pushed this further. He walked into Madison Square Garden as UFC Featherweight Champion and walked out with Eddie Alvarez’s UFC Lightweight Championship in tow.

The bout between McGregor and Alvarez was set to be historical before either men entered the Octagon as it was only the second time in UFC history that two champions would clash, with the title holders in two divisions competing against each other. The first such occasion was back at UFC 94 in 2009 in a match between Georges St-Pierre and B.J. Penn for the former’s Welterweight title. Alvarez was set to defend against Khabib Nurmagomedov at 205 but this didn’t materialise. McGregor had been the top contender for the title when held by Rafael Dos Anjos, but the fight fell through when Andjos became injured, so McGregor became the number one contender for UFC 205.

The two men went for two rounds and it took until 3:04 for McGregor to get the win by TKO with punches. McGregor has a five-inch reach advantage and was confident in the match, taunting Alvarez by putting his hand behind his back at one point. McGregor was able to get Alvarez on the floor on multiple occasions during the first round but never for long. A flurry of three punches to an incoming Alvarez secured the victory and a place in history for the Irishman.

The event as a whole was a huge success, with over $17 million made at the gate, breaking both UFC’s top record and Madison Square Garden’s. Post fight, McGregor claimed that “they are not at my level” in regards to his other UFC competitors and “he shouldn’t have been in there with me” in regards to Alvarez. The now only double champion in UFC history is 21-3 and will continue to be an even bigger draw for the promotion. While neither competitor has a currently scheduled match, McGregor can choose whether to defend either title in the desired weight class. His coach has suggested that anything is possible for his next match. The odds for McGregor are likely to be highly in his favour, so you best check out Betsafe Mobile Casino when the time comes.

This was a historic bout and one that showed why Conor McGregor is one of the most famous athletes it he world. If he retired today, he’d already be legendary and where the future takes him will continue to be exciting.