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Roses 2015 – American football

The York Centurions vs the Lancaster Bombers

6 – 26

As one of the first big matches of the Roses weekend there was a lot of pressure on the teams to secure the points for their university. York couldn’t quite match their opponents as multiple breaks from the Lancaster team put too many unanswered points against the home side.

The first quarter was balanced with good runs from Lancaster applying pressure but eventually leading to nothing. York were slow to start but got moving with an excellent throw to gain some yards, however a solid defence from Lancaster meant that this ended in very little and the first quarter ended scoreless.

Lancaster started off the second half a lot faster. A throw  was easily taken and a run into the end-zone saw the first touchdown of the match. A failed two point attempt made the score 0 – 6 to Lancaster. York responded in fantastic form with their best plays of the match. A deep throw from the Lancaster quarter-back led to a pick-off in the back field, and the possession and momentum went to York. After a play that went nowhere the ball was thrown over the midfield and into the arms of the receiver who turned a good play into a touchdown, beating his man to reach the end-zone. The score stood at 6 – 6.

A poor kick return from Lancaster appeared to give York a chance, however the next two running plays made many yards for the Lancaster team, who began to apply pressure to the York defence. The clock put an end to any ideas of a score and the half ended 6 – 6. As the second half started some good plays from Lancaster led to York having the ball close to their own end-zone. Lancaster kept applying pressure and earned themselves a safety moving the score and possession back in their favour. 6 – 8. From this point onwards the play only shifted more in favour of the Lancaster side. More strong plays produced one of what would become a series of dashing touchdowns for the away side. 6 – 14 to Lancaster.

The beginning of the third quarter saw an injury to a York player after a successful run block, before Lancaster scored another rushing touchdown, 6 – 20. The game seemed to become more balanced again, York fought their way up the pitch bravely before a pick-off from Lancaster led to a series of plays culminating in a deep throw and another rushing touchdown. 6 – 26.

The game came to an end with a fumble from the kick returner leading to Lancaster possession. Nothing was made of this however and the game finished 6 – 26 to Lancaster. Overall the game was a balanced affair. Multiple running breaks and good endzone form resulted in a Lancaster win however York fought hard and made their opponents struggle for their points.