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Roses 2015- Mens first XV



A strong York side finished off the Roses tournament with style, giving the York rugby teams a whitewash of their Lancaster opponents and ending the weekend with a good show, provided you could see through the crowds that had turned out to watch.

Both teams started the match in good form and the game looked competitive. York eventually gained the upper hand, multiple plays down the centre made good ground for the home team before they had the ball held up over the line. One of many scrums ensued and after a few attempts a strong York scrum drove over the line for the first penalty of the game and the conversion was successfully kicked.

Lancaster attacked after the restart and made good ground into York’s half, until an interception halted them. Unfortunately for the home side a mistake led to a penalty for Lancaster which they missed and the score remained 7-0. York made the most of this chance and drove into their opponents, breaking tackles. With space opened up it was the simple matter of drawing the last defender and passing out to the wing for York to get their second try of the match. 14-0.

Once again Lancaster made ground against York and once again a mistake led to York’s possession. This led to a series of moves which earned York good ground before a Lancaster penalty got them some breathing space. This didn’t last long for the away side and York quickly returned to their opponents 22. Lancaster then dropped the ball behind their own line and a mad scramble prevented York from scoring but giving them a five metre penalty. York then earned their second scrum try as they drove back their opponents to increase their lead. Once again Lancaster earned ground into their opponents half except this time it was the clock that put an end to their ambitions, as the half ended 21-0.

The second half starts and York continues to dominate, a break down the wing sees the fourth try and conversion for York. Lancaster fought for their first try as the forwards overpowered their opponents to drive over the line for their first score. York then took possession and after doing little turned the ball over, Lancaster returned with some force, after multiple forward attacks they earned their first try of the match. Lancaster continued their assault and after some strong play from both teams they scored a second try after their backs made the most of a well-played scrum. To put the score as 28-12.

Play then continued as both teams made various advances, until an offside from Lancaster gave York a penalty opportunity that they took. This set the score as 31-12. The remainder of the match played out with York nearly scoring again and Lancaster driving into the York half. Nothing was made of this however as York had scored too many points in the first half for Lancaster to hold out any hope of a win.

The match was entertaining to watch and had some impressive moments, it proved a good end to the sporting weekend and only helped to further secure the roses lead that had been built up over the course of the weekend.