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Roses 2016: UYSWC captains talk to The Yorker

Image credit: Beth Richards / University of York Swimming and Water Polo Club

12573946_10207920534838896_8956253957742552816_nWith Roses just around the corner, we’ve caught up with the Swimming & Water Polo team captains to find out about their season and how confident they are of destroying Lancaster.

Young Gawthorpe, Men’s Water Polo

How has the men’s polo team improved over the season?

The team have improved massively this season. They’re unrecognisable from the team that first played at the start of the year.

Which players should we look out for at Roses?

Young Gawthorpe! Other than that, Sam Timpany and Filippo Cocozza are playing really well at the moment.

What do you need to do to beat Lancaster?

We just need to play to the calibre that I know we can!

Fiona Whiting, Women’s Water Polo

How has the season gone for women’s polo?

Pretty well, we finished mid-table in the BUCS league including a couple of frustratingly close matches! This year has been great for building up a team again after losing a few players to graduation; we’ve had some excellent newbies join!

Who are going to be the key players at Roses?

Our incredible goalkeeper Fran Falcini who makes amazing saves to keep us winning games! Jenny Worrell, Becky Mott and Annie Russell have all joined this year and are great at getting cheeky shots in too.

How have you done against Lancaster so far this season?

We’ve played Lancaster twice this season and won 9-1 and 15-4. We’re feeling quite confident but the team is still working hard to make sure we don’t lose focus or make silly mistakes.

Ryan Conway, Men’s Swimming

What’s been the highlight of the season so far?

Definitely BUCS Long Course, coming 13th and 16th in the country in the two relays was an incredible achievement.

Who should we look out for from men’s swimming?

Victor Amara, he’s been performing well all year and is sure to put down some good times in Lancaster.

How confident are you that you can beat Lancaster?

When considering the amount of hard work the team has been putting in this year, I have no doubt that we can beat Lancaster. We’ve been beating them all season and that isn’t going to change at Roses.

Grace Gilmour, Women’s Swimming

How have women’s swimming done this season?

It’s been eventful but I am incredibly proud of the girls for pulling through together. We’ve been unfortunate with sickness and injuries but this has brought out the girls’ true colours as strong, thoughtful, kind and loyal friends. We have done a lot of charity work this year which has been heart-warming to be a part of and of course some amazing swimming! I can always count on everyone to give 100% and they are a true credit to the club.

What races should we keep an eye out for at Roses?

The 4×50 freestyle relays are always an exciting race to watch! We have injured swimmers Sara Smithsarakarn and Jade Hutchinson returning to the A and B teams which will add to the buzz! The medley relays are definitely going to be fast-paced with a nail-biting finish, and 2016 national medallist Bill Timpany’s 100m fly at his final ever Roses tournament!

What’s been your proudest moment as captain?

It’s very difficult to pinpoint a specific moment as there have been so many times that they have made me proud and inspired me throughout this year. I’m proud of them for their kindness and dedication to charity on behalf of our friends and when I see them working so hard in training that they can barely breathe but still keep swimming and giving it their all. Not to mention that a fair few also compete and train in water polo too! I already know they are going to do UYSWC very proud at Roses and I can’t wait to see what our final gala brings.