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5 Essentials for Fresher’s

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 Moving to University can be daunting for the most confident people.  Alongside trying to be an adult, you also have to juggle making new friends and may be doing some work every now and again.  Unfortunately this article won’t make friends for you, but it will at least attempt to help settle you into halls accommodation.  This is because there are five important things every fresher could benefit from having, yet so often forget when packing. 

Firstly, bring along a door stop.  Yes, it doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive, but this automatically makes you look welcoming in your new room.  The bedroom doors in the long corridors of halls can look uninviting, so if yours is open it keeps you social.

Another essential item has to be an extension lead.  Again, this seems like common knowledge, but is something I would personally forget about when packing for my first time living away from home.  It’s surprising how many electronics you bring to university (laptop, printer, phone charger, hairdryer and lamp) and you’ll soon run out of plugs.  Plus, university rooms always seem to have an unhandy layout and there is never enough plugs on the wall by the bed.  Therefore, the extension lead turns into a miracle worker and you no longer have to get out of bed to use your iPhone when it’s charging.

Fairy lights are also a must.  They brighten up your room and add to the decoration.  Last year, my lights actually proved to be more useful than expected when the bulb in my main light blew leaving me in darkness for a few days!  Don’t wrongly assume that fairy lights are too feminine, but if this interior design is a bit too delicate for you, there are other options too.  Your room should come with a lamp, but if you want something extra, LED spotlights do the same job as fairy lights and are as cheap and effective.  I would suggest battery operated lights though, just for safety.

Being away from home for the first time can lead to you feeling homesick so it’s important to have something comforting.  Most people bring photos but when you’re feeling homesick it’s better to be distracted.  A good idea is to bring your favourite box set as it makes you happy and you’re entertained at the same time.  Also, it’s highly likely that you’ll be living with someone who also loves Friends or obsesses over Taylor Swift.

Finally, the last essential for a university room is a full length mirror.  Yet again, it’s nothing fancy but so important when you’re about to head on a York night out.  Make sure you can prop it against a wall though because you don’t want to be charged maintenance damages at the end of the year.

If you haven’t got these five essentials in your university room already, how are you surviving? I suggest you nip into town and spend some of that student loan because you’ll be glad about it later.