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Derek Chauvin Trial: Day Three

Day 3: March 31

The third day of trial resumed on Wednesday with Hansen returning to the stand. She was asked if, as a firefighter, it would distract her to have bystanders yelling at her, to which she replied that it would not bother her, as she is confident in her training and her ability to do her job.

Christopher Martin was the first to testify about speaking with Floyd on the day he died. He was the one to receive what he suspected to be a fake bill, told his manager and the police were called. Martin went outside after the police arrived and said that he saw Floyd under Chauvin and said that “Chauvin seemed very … he was in a resting state”. He said that he had initially taken a video, but had deleted it because “he didn’t want to have to show it to anyone”. He said that he felt guilty and that if he had have just taken the bill, “this could have been avoided”.

On this day, the jury got to look at the footage capture by Officer Thomas Lane. The video shows George apologising and asking what he did from his car. The officer tells him to put his hands on his head and pulls out a gun. Floyd put his hands on his head and said “Mr Officer, please don’t shoot me, please man”. As Floyd exited the vehicle, Lane told him to put his hands behind his back and handcuffed him.

The jury was also shown Officer J. Alexander Kueng’s body camera footage. It shows he and his colleagues pinning Floyd to the ground. They were also shown footage from Tou Thao which shows officers ignoring pleas of concerned bystanders.

Written by Caitlin Curtis