Candidate organises open mic night

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Going for a part-time officer role doesn’t draw many people’s attention, but this year the competition is hotting up.

With 1000 votes cast in total in the first 15 minutes of voting on Wednesday, February 22, clearly it’s time to sit up and take notice of the YUSU elections.

What is also notable is the innovative ways in which the candidates this year have been campaigning, in light of the postering ban which came in last year, as there has been everything from food-based campaigns to iconic clothing slogans.

Asiya Elgady has taken campaigning to a whole new level and by holding a “Show Me” Open Mic Night she hopes to show students what she will do if she is elected.

Speaking on the event Elgady said: “I’d like to show people that I mean what I say, so that they have a reason to trust me and my policies.”

This unconventional event, which will be at The Courtyard on Wednesday, February 29, (Week 8) will also be raising money for the Love Music Hate Racism campaign. This charity hosts a variety of gigs aimed at bringing people together to put an end to racism.

Elgady explained that she chose this specific charity because of the positive methods with which it fundraises and the message of racial equality which underpins her campaign.

When asked why it was she chose an open mic night, Elgady further commented: “I love music and it’s the best way I know how to bring people together.”

She has also opened up the event to her fellow candidates as an opportunity for campaigning and a celebration of their combined efforts over this last period. With that in mind, it seems there are lots of great reasons to attend.

Tickets will be £2 at the door and the event starts at 7:30pm at The Courtyard on Wednesday, February 29.

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